Orthopedic / Sports Therapy

At Dynamic Core Physical Therapy, we specialize in orthopedic and sports physical therapy.

We treat athletes of all ages and skill levels. This includes:

  • ¬†School age children and young adults injured while competing in organized sports or recreational activities.
  • Adults of all ages injured during routine activities, regular sporting activities, or the weekend warrior injured during a non-routine activity.
  • Professional athletes who require the knowledge of advanced level practitioners.

We efficiently treat patients who require surgery for any orthopedic condition.We treat pre and post-surgically to ensure that your recovery is as quick and smooth as possible.



We also treat injuries related to trauma or repetitive stress. This includes:

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Work Related Injuries.
  • Slips and Falls outside the home or work place.

Spinal Rehab

Injuries to the spine require specialized knowledge to treat appropriately. At Dynamic Core Physical Therapy, our practitioners have the ability to treat acute injuries (sprains and strains,fractures, herniated disks, pinched nerves, etc.), chronic pain, and surgical repairs. We utilize advanced manual therapy techniques, range of motion and strengthening exercises, core stabilization, and injury specific education to the patient.

Geriatric Rehab

There are many causes of aches and pains as we age. Arthritis pain, tendonitis, bursitis, total joint replacement, and spinal stenosis are a few of these causes. At Dynamic Core Physical Therapy, we treat these and other age related aches and pains.